What can the Overl4y board do for you?
The Overl4y board was created with designers in mind. Whether you are an interior designer, product designer, engineer or any type of creator, the Overl4y board can help you bring your designs to life, organise your thoughts or simply be the elegant storage solution you have been looking for.
Handmade and made to order using fine Walnut and pure copper accents, the Overl4y board fits perfectly on any desktop, adding style and functionality to any working environment.
Keep scrolling to see the different versions of the Overl4y board and what it can do for you.
We have worked hard to be able to offer four different versions to choose from.


Clear for sketching with depth, white mood boards or storage pockets, the Overl4y board is designed for all. The clear boards allow you to create a design with four levels giving depth to any sketch.

Solid white boards give you the ability to create four different mood boards, perfect for keeping on track with up to four projects at a time. This is also a good option for presentations.

 The third option is designed as four separate, removable storage sleeves. This gives you the option to store paper designs, drawings, blueprints, photographs, etc for up to four separate projects at any given time.

Lastly is the option to mix and match between clear, white boards or storage sleeves.

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